Role & Functions

·  To issue license/permits for shops, business establishments.

·  To regulate opening/closing shops and markets.

·  To maintain record of land and properties owned by it.

Besides the above, following are the detailed role & function of Nagar Panchayat Fatehpur is given:


Assessment & Collection

Assessment of land and buildings, Mutation and Collection of Property Tax.


Scrutinizing building plan, checking unauthorized construction and routine inspection.

Central Records

To maintain all old records such as birth and death registration, sanctioned building plans, assessment registers, etc.


Imparting primary education and interacting with Government agencies.


Carries out works related to Electricity supply in the Nagar Panchayat area.

Engineering (Civil)

Building and repairing of roads, removal of chokes, buster development work, construction of public conveniences, etc.


Survey and maintain records of the land and building owned by the  Nagar Panchayat Fatehpur .


Provide preventive, curative and better health facilities like vaccination etc.


Issue of new trade licenses, Renewal of old/expired trade licenses, Issuing temporary licenses, raising Demands for Trade License, etc. in relation to trade licenses.


Operation and maintenance of street lights, installation of new street lighting systems, maintain lighting of markets etc.


Construction and maintenance of Nagar Panchayat Markets.

Parks & Squares

Looks after the matters related to parks and squares in the Town.

Sewerage & Drainage

Manage and maintain the central sewerage and drainage lines under all major / arterial roads.


Investigate cases against employees on receipt of complaints from Councillors, citizens or any other source.