Health Department

Public Health Department of the Nagar Panchayat Fatehpur is solely responsible for providing clean and healthy environment to its citizen for maintaining proper health and sanitation conditions within their Palika area.

Key responsibilities of Public Health/ Sanitation Department are:

  • Cleaning of public streets, roads and drains.
  • Banning the sale of expired/rotten and adulterated food material.
  • Utilizing effective preventive and control measures against contagious/ infectious diseases.
  • Issuing licenses under Food Adulteration Impediment Act.
  • Controlling the places allotted for disposal of dead bodies.
  • Supply of clean drinking water in parks and water supply for commercial purpose.
  • To clear sewerage from domestic and industrial establishments of the city to the treatment plants, treating it and then disposing it appropriately.
  • To construct efficient and smooth sewage system in the area and its maintenance.
  • Another major responsibility is of Solid Waste Management, for maintaining proper cleanliness and health environment in an area.